Tree Rebates

Thinking about starting a turf replacement project? You can now receive a $100 rebate per tree for up to five trees planted while you replace your grass with a beautiful California Friendly® landscape.

Rebate Requirements

A tree is defined as a woody perennial plant with many secondary branches supported above the ground by one main stem or trunk.

  • Trees must be planted within the turf replacement project area.
  • Trees must be a minimum size of 15 gallons when purchased and planted.
  • Trees are expected to grow to at least 15-feet tall and 10-feet wide at maturity. This does not apply to edible fruit trees.
  • Fruit trees will only be rebated for residential properties, not commercial.

Visit SoCalWater$mart for information on how to apply.

Top Trees to Plant

What Not to Plant

Certain trees need a lot of water. Others are vulnerable to disease or pests, and some are not ideal for fire hazard severity zones. Here’s a list of what not to plant.

  • Woody plants like tree-looking shrubs used to create hedges around a property.
  • Plants bred or pruned to maintain a reduced canopy. These plants are commonly called topiary, espaliered, pollarded trees or shrubs.
  • Small weeping varieties with soft branches hanging downward and touching the ground.
  • Trees without spreading canopies that do not provide substantial shade or shelter when fully grown.
  • All invasive tree species listed by the California Invasive Plant Council at
  • All palm varieties.

Trees to Avoid

Disease & Pest Prone

  • American Sweetgum
  • Box Elder

High Water Use

  • Mulberry
  • Coast Redwood
  • Fremont Cottonwood
  • European White Birch

High Fire Risk

Avoid these types of trees if you are in a fire hazard severity zone.

  • Pine
  • Eucalyptus
  • Juniper
  • Cypress
  • Palms


How to Care for Your Trees
Top Trees for Your Waterwise Garden

Special acknowledgment to TreePeople for their contributions.