Metropolitan has created easy-to-follow booklets and reference materials to help homeowners, businesses and institutions like hospitals, schools and universities identify ways to save water. Here you’ll find downloadable waterwise tip cards, California Friendly® gardening guides, how-to videos and original artwork from our latest advertising and outreach campaign.

How-to Videos

The videos below provide inspiration and direction for creating and maintaining a California Friendly® landscape. Additional videos can be found in the Garden section.

Eliminating Runoff:

Irrigation Troubleshooting

Cycle and Soak

Convert Sprinkler to Drip Irrigation

Turf Removal:

Identifying & Removing Lawn Types

Sheet Mulching – Step by Step

Solarization – Step by Step

Sod Removal – Step by Step

Watering Tools

Watering Index
Learn more about the watering index and how it is calculated.
RSS Feed Watering Calculator
Estimate the proper amount of water for your landscape or garden.
Public Use Widget
Add the Watering Index and H2Love campaign graphics.