The portal for Metropolitan rebates is Some of our member agencies offer their own incentive programs as well. Please check with your local water agency to receive the full list of rebates available in your area. Rebates and incentives are issued on a first-come, first-served basis until funding is exhausted. Past participation may limit eligibility. Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee a rebate or incentive.

Residential Rebates

Rebates are available for water-saving equipment like high-efficiency toilets and washing machines. For greater water savings outside, there are rebates for rain barrels and cisterns, irrigation controllers, soil moisture sensor systems and rotating sprinkler nozzles. Click the rebate button below for a list of qualifying equipment and follow step-by-step our instructional video for how to apply for a rebate (also available in Spanish and Chinese).


Turf Replacement Program

Flow Monitor Rebate
Pilot Program

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Commercial Rebates and Incentives

Metropolitan offers rebates and incentives for business, industry, institutions and public agencies. This includes high-efficiency plumbing fixtures, HVAC, commercial kitchen equipment, ultra-low and zero-water urinals, dry vacuum pumps and more. Click the button below for a list of qualifying equipment.


Residential & Commercial Water Efficiency Surveys

Metropolitan offers free virtual indoor/outdoor residential water use surveys as well as in-person surveys for large commercial landscapes. These surveys provide customers with recommendations to improve water use efficiency at properties located within Metropolitan's service area.

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