Residential & Commercial Water Efficiency Survey

How it Works

Metropolitan offers free in person and virtual indoor/outdoor residential water use surveys as well as in-person surveys for commercial large landscapes. These surveys provide customers with recommendations to improve landscape and indoor water use efficiency at sites located within Metropolitan's 5,200 square-mile service area.

Surveys are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis and properties must be located within Metropolitan’s service area. To request a survey, please complete the online  application. The property may only receive one survey for the life of the program. Funding is limited and submitting an application does not guarantee a survey will be provided.

What to Expect

For residential properties, the in-person survey requires the presence of the homeowner or someone over the age of 18. The virtual survey is conducted with the assistance of the homeowner and will require an electronic device such as a phone or tablet to communicate with the auditor.

For commercial properties, the property owner, manager, or authorized representative with access to the irrigation controllers must be present during the survey. The certified landscape auditor will conduct a comprehensive review of the irrigation system.

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