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They make you want to Scream. Or cry. Or run. Water Wasters are not okay.
Bewaterwise today.

See what happens to water wasters

What kind of animal washes only two socks in a load?

You won't believe your eyes in this latest "Wasting Water is" installment.

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Waterwise Tip

Save up to 35 gallons of water a week when you wash just full loads of laundry.

What happens when you’re in over your head?

You can run, but you can’t hide from the latest troubling installment of “Wasting Water Is.”

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Waterwise Tip

Water your lawns early mornings or evenings to avoid evaporation.

Things worth changing can be scary.

What is the scariest thing you can imagine in your room, under your bed, at the end of your dark hallway? Be very afraid for this scary installment of "Wasting Water Is."

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Waterwise Tip

Turn off the water while you brush your teeth and save up to 2.5 gallons per minute.

Star-crossed and water-logged.

What is the one thing in the universe that would make Romeo break up with his beloved Juliet?  Follow this tragic installment of "Wasting Water Is."

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Waterwise Tip

Be sure to check your sprinkler system every so often. A leaky or broken sprinkler head can waste up to 500 gallons per month.

Some things just aren't funny.

Worst stand up ever? Watch a crowd turn on a comedian when he says the worst thing imaginable in this offensive installment of "Wasting Water Is."

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Waterwise Tip

A weather-based “smart” irrigation controller saves up to 40 gallons per day by adjusting to weather, soil makeup, amount of shade and plant type.

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