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watering index

Soil Condition

  • Know your soil type so you can pick the right plants. Some plants are fussy about the soil they grow in. Pick up a handful of moist soil and squeeze it. See how it responds:

  • Sandy – crumbles as you open your hand.

  • Loam – holds its shape but crumbles as you poke it.

  • Clay – remains in a tight firm lump.

  • Native plants like native soil; soil amendments may cause them to decline.

  • For non-native plants, keep your soil healthy – mix in fully composted organic material once a year to improve fertility. In flower and shrub beds cultivate in fully composted organic material to 12” deep to improve soil drainage.

  • Watch drainage – if water is slow to soak in when you water, the soil may be saturated or have poor drainage. Cut back on irrigation if there is too much water.

  • Know what soil conditions your plants like – check with your local nursery and the information provided with the plants in this CD.

  • NEVER dump oil, paint, household cleaning products, or leftover pesticides in your landscape. Dispose of them properly so you don’t permanently damage your soil.

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