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Professional Services

  • Hire a licensed contractor if you are renovating a large area, adding hardscape, structures, or electrical fixtures and you do not have experience in construction.

  • Get referrals by asking friends and family for names of contractors.

  • Check credentials and licenses - verify that their insurance and licenses are current.

  • Meet with prospective contractors at your home so they can see the site and get a clear idea of the project.

  • Ask for several client recommendations, then call or visit. You may want to visit both a finished project and one in process. Ask questions - How does it look? Are they happy with the completed work? Would they hire the contractor again?

  • Get a signed contract, even if it’s a small job. Make sure the expectations are spelled out clearly, including budget and schedule, before you sign it.

  • Visit the California Landscape Contractors Association Web page for additional information on hiring a licensed professional.

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