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Step 4: Put It On Paper

You don’t need to be an artist to do a simple sketch of your home lot - and it is a tool that will really help you visualize what should go where in the garden. This step also allows you to test your ideas on others, say at the garden center, family members, etc.)

  • Divide the yard into different areas:

  • Sun areas - Good for flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, and dries out more quickly

  • Shade areas - Limits the types of plants to choose from, dries out slowly and stays wet longer

  • Screening for privacy - need upright plants

  • Shading windows or hot spots - determine if deciduous trees (trees that loose their leaves each winter and allow the winter sun to penetrate) or if evergreen trees fit better

  • Lay out areas for hardscapes (patios, decks, planters, walkways)

  • Assure easy access - make moving around the garden, to BBQ or storage area easy

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