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Online Gardening Classes


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Online Gardening Classes
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Home gardeners and landscape professionals - learn the latest ways to reduce water use in landscapes by taking online classes.  They cover the basics of irrigation systems, watering and fertilizing, landscape design and plant identification.

For questions on the California Friendly® Landscape Training (CFLT) program, please contact Deneice Cotton
(213) 217-6616.

Online Gardening Classes

Mini-tutorials on the basics

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In-depth tutorials for home gardeners

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New to gardening or eager to brush up on the basics? These four short tutorials cover the key points of water-wise gardening. 15 minutes each.

  1. Getting Started

  2. Plant Selection

  3. Irrigation System Basics

  4. Planting and Maintenance

Want more information? Residential gardeners can dig into these more detailed tutorials. 60 minutes each.

  1. Landscape Design Basics

  2. Efficient Irrigation Systems

  3. Plant Selection

  4. Plant Care

Professional Landscape Maintenance tutorials

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Seminarios Profesionales de Mantenimiento de Paisaje - Ahora en español

If you are a landscape professional, learn more about landscape irrigation systems, fine tuning the controller, irrigation scheduling considerations, and more.

  1. Irrigation Principles

  2. Irrigation System Troubleshooting

  3. Controller Programming

  4. Irrigation Scheduling

Si usted trabaja en mantenimiento de jardines, actualice su conocimiento en sistemas de riego, en ajustar el controlador, en el plan de riego, y mucho más.

  1. Principios sobre riego

  2. Identificacion de problemas del sistema de riego

  3. Programacion del controlador

  4. Programacion de riego


Online Gardening Classes

Metropolitan Water District is not currently offering California Friendly Landscape Training Residential or Professional classes.  Some of our member agencies are offering classes.  Please contact your local water agency for information about classes that may be available in your area.  This search finds water providers in Metropolitan Water District's service area only. Enter your Zip Code to see which of our member agencies serve your area.