Songs For Five-Minute Showers

Shorter showers are one way to help save water during this historic drought. But it’s tough taking a timer into the tub. So the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has come up with a way to help: an internet radio “Water Lovers Station” with songs timed for a five-minute shower.

The playlists on Pandora and Spanish-language Uforia contain both oldies and contemporary hits, many of them about water and rain. The playlists are the latest wrinkle in Metropolitan’s current  #TakeATurnCA water conservation campaign.

Here’s just a small sampling of songs featured. We hope you will enjoy listening to these songs and that they help you keep your showers under five minutes. 

View the playlist on Pandora. View videos for the entire playlist on YouTube.

“Bridge Over Troubled Water” - Simon & Garfunkel

After slogging home from a rough day, this is a great nighttime soundtrack for the weary.  If El Nino brings rain, we may need all the bridges we can get. If you want to see troubled waters, check out those falling reservoirs.

“Have You Ever Seen The Rain” – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Have you ever seen the rain on a sunny day? If you went out of town this summer, you might have missed it. Mostly we’ve had a four-year “calm before the storm” – that’s long enough.

“Set Fire to The Rain” – Adele

As we write this, wildfires rage across the state. Maybe it would be better to set rain to the fire, but we can’t control when that will happen. However we can take shorter showers. Every drop saved for a water-dropping aircraft is worth it.

“Water Runs Dry” – Boyz II Men

Nothing says “dry” like the desert scenes that permeate this video clip.

“Waterfalls” – TLC

Pretty hard to chase waterfalls these days – and it’s hard getting used to the fact that the rivers and lakes are so low.

“Cool Cool Water” – The Beach Boys

If this song doesn’t make you appreciate water and Southern California in general, nothing will.