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watering index

Turf Care

  • Use turf in your landscape where you need it for kids or pets. If you don’t need turf, consider replanting the area with native and drought tolerant grasses, groundcovers and shrubs.

  • Look at turf alternatives such as yarrow, thyme and chamomile. They make a distinctive “lawn” that requires almost no mowing.

  • Begin to switch turf areas planted with cool season grasses over to warm season grasses that require less water in hot summer months. Check the Resources section for information on grass types.

  • Set your lawn mower blades higher. Longer grass blades means they can get by with less water. Leave the grass clippings on the lawn if possible; they will decompose and add nutrients back into the soil.

  • Water turf in the early morning when evaporation is less and to avoid the grass from withering in the hot afternoon sun.

  • Think of your lawn as a tapestry, not velvet. A few dandelions or weeds do not require an all out war with herbicides and fertilizers.

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