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watering index
Hardscape Construction
  • Install your landscape in the right order so you don’t damage any new or existing plants grade landscape area for drainage.

  • Install hardscape, irrigation system, and edgings.

  • Regrade prior to planting to fine tune drainage.

  • Plant trees and large shrubs, then smaller plants, then lawn area.

  • Use permeable paving wherever possible – patios, walkways, paths, even driveways. This type of paving allows water to filter into the soil instead of running off into the gutter. Look at the section on hardscape alternatives to get ideas on great design alternatives to concrete, as well as fencing, gates, etc.

  • Use permeable materials between flagstone, stepping stones and pavers. This can include gravel, small river rock, groundcover, or decomposed granite. Any opportunity to let water filter into the soil is good for your landscape.

  • Identify where rain runs off your roof. Is there a way to get that water into your landscape?

  • Create temporary berms, or raised areas, around the edges of your landscaped areas to keep water from running off. They don’t have to be high, just enough to keep rain and irrigation in the planted area. Over time, let the berms diminish naturally. Permanent berms can lead to crown rot

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