Metropolitan’s commercial conservation programs provide rebates for water saving devices to businesses and institutions throughout Southern California.  The programs are comprised of SoCal Water$mart, member agency commercial programs, and the Water Savings Incentive Program.  Metropolitan estimates savings of about 6,750 acre-feet of water annually from new rebates issued by commercial conservation programs in fiscal year 2014/15.

Metropolitan’s Programs and Fact Sheets

Innovative Conservation Program
ICP provides funding in cooperation with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Environmental Protection Agency, Southern Nevada Water Authority, the Central Arizona Project, the Southern California Gas Company and Western Resource Advocates for research that will document water savings and reliability of innovative water saving devices.

Commercial Rebate Program
Commercial, industrial and institutional customers within Metropolitan’s 5,200-square-mile, six-county service area are eligible for rebates on indoor and outdoor water-saving devices.

Community Partnering Program
This program provides sponsorships for community-based organizations including nonprofit groups, professional associations, educational institutions and public agencies.

On-site Retrofit Program
This program provides financial incentives directly to public or private property owners to convert potable water irrigation or industrial water systems to recycled water service.

Water Conservation Training (Hotel/Motel)
The hospitality industry can make a huge difference when it comes to water conservation by offering guests water-saving options to reuse their linen and towels if they are staying more than one night.