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Botanical Name:
Washingtonia filifera

Common Name(s):
California Fan Palm

Myrna Dowsett/Sortomme
California Fan Palm is the only palm native to California. It populates the areas along the San Andreas Fault where water has seeped to the surface and formed springs. It grows to 60' tall and 20' wide. It has light green fronds 3-6' long. One of the most common uses of the palms fronds by Native Californians was in forming housing and hatched Ramadas. Fronds and frond fiber were also used to make sandals, cordage, nets and mats.

Information by Gardensoft 
Planting Instructions: 1. Dig a hole 2 times the width and 1 and 1/2 times the height of the container. 2. Set rootball at ground level. 3. Prepare soil mix of equal parts soil and soil amendment. 4. Backfill with amended soil. 5. Build Basin and water.
Sun: Full
Water: Low
Growth Rate: Fast
Hydrozones: #2
Soil Type: Sandy
Soil Condition:
Soil pH: Neutral
Adverse Factors: N/A
Design Styles: Desert
Accenting Features: Silhouette
Seasonal Interest: N/A
Location Uses: Lawn
Special Uses: Full
Attracts Wildlife: N/A
Flower Color: N/A
Flower Season: N/A
Leaf Color: Green
Bark Color: N/A
Fruit Color: N/A
Fruit Season: N/A
Fruit Type: N/A
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