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Botanical Name:
Leymus triticoides

Common Name(s):
Creeping WIld Rye

El Nativo
The creeping wild rye is a cool season grass with upright green blades that reach 2 ft. high. It has summer and fall inflorescences that reach 3 ft. tall, and it spreads by rhizomes. The creeping wild rye is native to California, is drought tolerant, and is a beneficial insect plant. -Cornflower Farms This grass is extremely aggressive and should only be planted in areas where it will be able to spread without concern. Most often used in revegetation.

Information by Gardensoft 
Hardy to10 degrees F
Sun: Half
Water: Low
Growth Rate: Fast
Hydrozones: #2
Soil Type: Sandy
Soil Condition:
Soil pH: Neutral
Adverse Factors: N/A
Design Styles: Meadow
Accenting Features: N/A
Seasonal Interest: N/A
Location Uses: N/A
Special Uses: Full
Attracts Wildlife: N/A
Flower Color: N/A
Flower Season: Spring
Leaf Color: Green
Bark Color: N/A
Fruit Color: N/A
Fruit Season: N/A
Fruit Type: N/A
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