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Botanical Name:
Atriplex lentiforms breweri

Common Name(s):
Brewer Saltbush, Brewer Lenscale

This semi-deciduous shrub is simliar to Atriplex lentiformis but it has no spines on its branches. It is adaptable and tolerant to many areas and conditions. It can be found in saline places in valley grasslands and Coastal Sage Scrub - Cornflower Farms

Information by Gardensoft 
Dig hole, insert plant slightly higher than soil grade. Disturb root ball very little. No amendments, just native soil. No fertilizers. Backfill the hole .Water lavishly. Mulch top of soil around plant in a 4' diameter circle. - Bert Wilson Las Pilitas
Sun: Half
Water: Low
Growth Rate: Fast
Hydrozones: #1
Soil Type: Sandy
Soil Condition:
Soil pH: Neutral
Adverse Factors: N/A
Design Styles: Ranch
Accenting Features: Unusual Foliage
Seasonal Interest: Summer
Location Uses: Bank
Special Uses: Full
Attracts Wildlife: Birds
Flower Color: Any Color
Flower Season: Summer
Leaf Color: Grey
Bark Color: N/A
Fruit Color: N/A
Fruit Season: Summer
Fruit Type: N/A
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