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Botanical Name:
Acacia pendula

Common Name(s):
Weeping Myall, Weeping Acacia

Mountain States Nursery
Texas Root Rot prone as well as breakage in heavy wind. Usually a small evergreen tree with rounded crown of drooping pendulous branches to the ground. Narrow lance-shaped leaves are blue gray. Flowers typically lemon yellow puff balls appear April to May. Interesting espalier. This tree is very distinctive and variable. It is a slow to moderate grower in the Phoenix area. Eventually can reach about 40' tall by 25' wide. Australian native. Do not overwater.

Information by George Hull MSN 
hardy to 20f
Sun: Full
Water: Low
Growth Rate: Moderate
Hydrozones: #1
Soil Type: Sandy
Soil Condition:
Soil pH: Neutral
Adverse Factors: N/A
Design Styles: Mediterranean
Accenting Features: Multi Trunk
Seasonal Interest: Spring
Location Uses: Background
Special Uses: Full
Attracts Wildlife: N/A
Flower Color: Yellow
Flower Season: Spring
Leaf Color: Grey Green
Bark Color: N/A
Fruit Color: N/A
Fruit Season: N/A
Fruit Type: N/A
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