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Drought 2014 Metropolitan prepares for drought by capturing and storing imported supplies in wet years in order to maintain a reliable system during the dry cycles. It also aggressively promotes conservation, recycling and local resource development. Drought conditions have developed because of record dry conditions throughout California and a prolonged below-rainfall period throughout the Southwest in the Colorado River basin.

You can do your part by following Governor Jerry Brown’s call in his January 2014 Drought Declaration to re-examine how you use water with a goal of reducing per-capita water consumption by 20 percent. Metropolitan is closely monitoring water supply conditions in Northern California and the Southwest and will update the public about key developments.


L.A. Times: The Drought’s Hidden Victim: California’s Native Fish, Aug. 24

Sacramento Bee: Maybe The Drought Is The New Normal, Aug. 21

L.A. Times: California Drought: Climate Change Plays A Role, Study Says. But how big?, Aug. 20

L.A. Times: Another Toll Of The Drought: Land Is Sinking Fast In San Joaquin Valley, Study Shows, Aug. 19

Sacramento Bee: Keep the Flood of Water-Saving Policies Coming, Aug. 17

Sacramento Bee: Price, Risk Weight Heavily On Farmers Who Would Draw From Delta Water Tunnels, Aug. 8

L.A. Times: Keeping Up With the Joneses' Drought-Friendly Yard Boosted MWD's Tab for Rebates, July 29

L.A. Times: Drought Now Californians’ Top Concern, Poll Finds, July 29

L.A. Times: California Is Falling Apart; Here’s Why, July 29

Sacramento Bee: Delta Dispute Raises Urgent Question: Whose Water Is It?, July 18

L.A. Times: Shrinking Colorado River Is A Growing Concern For Yuma Farmers – And Millions Of Water Users, July 18

Sacramento Bee: Status Quo In The Delta Is Untenable, July 18

L.A. Times: Water Managers Dodge Bullet With “May Miracle” Rains, July 17

L.A. Times: How More Lawn Restrictions Could Remake the California Landscape, July 15

L.A. Times: A Journey Into the Drylands, July 15

Sacramento Bee: As Lakes Drawn, We Must Rethink Water, July 4

Sacramento Bee: Californians Cut Water Use 29 Percent In May, July 1

L.A. Times: Downtown L.A.'s Four-Year Rain Total Lowest Ever Recorded, July 1

L.A. Times: On The Depleted Kern River, Rafting Companies Look To Ride Out The Drought, June 30

Sacramento Bee: State Water System Stretched to Limit, Officials Say, June 24

L.A. Times: Mono Lake's Ecological Crisis is a Blow to Wildlife, L.A. Water Supply, June 24

New York Times: Troubled Delta System Is California’s Water Battleground, June 24

Sacramento Bee: Under New Plan, Folsom Lake Could Be Dangerously Dry Within Months, June 23

Sacramento Bee: UC Davis Study Finds Dry Weather Threatening California Wildflowers, June 22

Sacramento Bee: Lawsuits Challenge California’s Drought Plan, June 19

Sacramento Bee: Everyone Needs To Deal With The Drought, June 15

Orange County Register: In The Drought, O.C. Agencies Learn To Say “Conserve” In Several Languages, June 14

Sacramento Bee: California Curtails Senior Water Rights For Farmers, Others, June 12

L.A. Times: Dying Trees May Force A New Outlook On Irrigation During Drought, June 12
Orange County Register: In The Drought, O.C. Agencies Learn To Say “Conserve” In Several Languages, June 14

Sacramento Bee: California Curtails Senior Water Rights For Farmers, Others, June 12

L.A. Times: Dying Trees May Force A New Outlook On Irrigation During Drought, June 12

L.A. Times: State Attorney General Challenges Ruling Against Tiered Water Rates, June 11

L.A. Times: Gov. Jerry Brown Sees California Getting Through Drought, June 10

L.A. Times: Gov. Brown Says Fixing Delta Water System, June 10

L.A. Times: Backers Of Desalination Hope Carlsbad Plant Will Disarm Critics, June 4

L.A. Times: As California Drought Worsens, Experts Urge Water Reforms, June 1

Sacramento Bee: Brown Makes Case For Tunnels Project To Business, Civic Leaders, May 28

L.A. Times: Trading Grass For Cash: MWD Has A Winner On Its Hands, May 27

L.A. Times: Southland Water District Oks $350 Million More For Lawn Replacement Rebates, May 27

Sacramento Bee: Large Majority of Californians Support Water Restrictions Amid Drought, May 18

U-T San Diego: Even El Nino Won’t End State’s Drought, May 17

L.A. Times: Drought Kills 12 Million Trees In California’s National Forests, May 6

San Jose Mercury News: California Drought: State Water Board Passes First Mandatory Urban Water Limits In State History, May 6

Sacramento Bee: There’s No Time To Waste On Gov. Brown’s Delta Plan, May 4

U-T San Diego: State Facing Worst Drought In History, May 2

L.A. Times: California Snowpack Survey Canceled: “Drought Is Severe,” May 1

L.A. Times: What’s Next On California’s Water Rates? April 22

U-T San Diego: Persuasion Helps To Save Water, April 18

Sacramento Bee: It’s Time For An Honest Discussion About Water, April 18

L.A. Times: The MWD's Boss Tells It Like It Is On California's Water Woes, April 15

L.A. Times: Water Supplier Oks 15% Cut To Cities, Water Districts In Southland, April 14

L.A. Times: Drought Unlikely To Cause Major Damage To California Economy, Analysts Say, April 14

L.A. Times: MWD Plans To Ration Water To Southland Districts, Cities, April 7

Sacramento Bee: On Water, Big Ag Should Ante Up, Too, April 5

New York Times: California Drought Tests History Of Endless Growth, April 4

L.A. Times: Mandatory Water Cuts Put Pressure On California Communities, April 2

Real Clear Politics: Mega-Drought Threatens the American West, March 30

New York Times: As California Drought Enters 4th Year, Conservation Effort and Worries Increases, March 17

L.A. Times: California Has About One Year Of Water Left. Will You Ration Now?, March 12

CBS - Los Angeles: State Water Project to Increase Deliveries 5 Percent, March 2

San Jose Mercury News: California Drought Likely A Fixture, Says Stanford Study, March 2

L.A. Times: Amid Drought, A Turf War Between Residents and Homeowners Associations, Feb. 27

Sacramento Bee: Fighting Over Trickles On Tragically Beautiful Winter Days, Feb. 21

Sacramento Bee: State's Population Growth Expected to Outstrip Water Conservation in Coming Years, Feb. 15

KPBS: Metropolitan Water District to Consider Cutting Deliveries, Feb. 9

Sacramento Bee: Sierra Snowpack Dismal for January; Fourth Year of Drought Looks Likely, Jan. 30

L.A. Times: Scientists See Shrinking California Snowpack As A Harbinger, Jan. 29

Sacramento Bee: Pressure’s On To Help Delta Fish Suffering Amid Drought, Jan 19

L.A. Times: California Drought Could End With Storms Know As Atmospheric Rivers, Jan 18

San Francisco Chronicle: Drought fears return with signs of 4th straight dry year, Jan. 16

New York Times: 2014 Breaks Heat Record, Challenging Global Warming Skeptics, Jan. 16

Sacramento Bee: Progress In State’s Water Policy Was Remarkable Last Year, Jan. 3


L.A. Times: State’s Drought Having Pronounced Effect on Wild Life, Dec. 28

The Guardian: American Drought: California’s Crisis,
Dec. 14

San Jose Mercury News: California Drought: Natural Patterns, Not Human-Caused Climate Change, Federal Study Finds, Dec. 8

LAObserved: California Mega-Drought Is The Worst In 1,200 Years, Dec. 4

L.A. Times: Drought Saps Supply of Christmas Trees in California, Dec. 3

L.A. Times: Rain Barely Made A Dent In California Drought, Nov. 14

San Jose Mercury News: California Drought Not Likely To End This Winter, Experts Say, Nov. 13

Sacramento Bee: New Research Predicts California Droughts Will Worsen, Oct. 31

L.A. Times: A Parched Farm Town Is Sinking And So Are Its Residents’ Hearts, Oct. 24

NPR: Coping In A Drier World: California’s Drought Survival Strategy, Oct. 22

UCR Today: Coping With Water Scarcity, Oct. 22

L.A. Daily News: California Water Agencies Lose Millions of Gallons Underground, Oct. 21

L.A. Times: No End to Southland Drought Seen in Winter Rain Forecast, Oct. 16

Sacramento Bee: Little Hope for Wet Winter, Oct. 16

L.A. Times: Californians Make Big Cuts in Water Usage, Report Says, Oct. 7

L.A. Times: In Virtual Mega-Drought, California Avoids Defeat, Oct. 5

Aljazeera America: The Battle in California to Save Waterfowl From Ending Up As Dead Ducks, Oct. 1

L.A. Times: October Begins Water Year with Prospect of Tighter Restrictions, Sept. 30

L.A. Times: Drought Has 14 Communities On The Brink of Waterlessness, Sept. 25

L.A. Times: Drought Triggers Southern California Tumbleweed Infestation, Sept. 24

CBS News: California Water Wholesaler Supply Drastically Drained, Sept. 22

The Week: California’s Epic Drought, Sept. 20

USA Today:  California’s 100-year Drought, Sept. 2

Long Beach Post: Water Usage at 56-Year Low For Second Month In A Row, Sept. 2

Sacramento Bee: Conservation Conundrum: Water Use Varies Greatly Across California, Aug. 31

L.A. Times: Gov. Jerry Brown Helps Whip Up a Palatable Water Bond, Aug. 13

Orange County Register: Homeowners Landscaping to Save Water and Money, July 31

L.A. Times: California Breaks Drought Record as 58% of State Hits Driest Level, July 31

L.A. Times: California Officials Admit They Have Incomplete Water Usage Data, July 26

Sacramento Bee: Persuading Delta Residents that Twin Tunnels Would Be Good, July 20

L.A. Times: 2014 Off to Hottest Start On Record, July 21

Sacramento Bee: California Adopts $500 Criminal Penalty for Water Waste, July 15

KPCC: 12 Things to Know About Lawn Replacement Programs, July 14

Sacramento Bee: Putting Some Myths About California’s Drought to Rest, July 6

San Francisco Chronicle: Sudden Oak Death Drying Up With Drought, June 22

Sacramento Bee: Pain Of California’s Water Shortage Is Spreading, June 22

L.A. Times: What Does Drought-Stricken California Need: A Water Bond, June 22

The Modesto Bee: Our View: We All Have to Pitch in During Drought, June 22

L.A. Times: Water War Bubbling Up Between California and Arizona, June 20

L.A. Times: “Chinatown” In Real Life: In L.A., You Have To Follow The Water, June 19

L.A. Times: California’s Drought Getting Even Worse, Experts Say, June 19

San Francisco Chronicle: Amid Drought, Bay Area Water Use Down Just 2 Percent, June 17

Sacramento Bee: California Has a Long Way to Go On Water Conservation, June 17

Sacramento Bee: California Orders Thousands of Sacramento Valley Water Users to Stop Pumping From Streams, May 29

Capitol Weekly: Brown Makes Urgent Plea for Delta Tunnels, May 13

Dept. of Water Resources:  Year’s Final Snow Survey Comes up Dry, May 1

Sacramento Bee: Governor Brown Orders More Emergency Drought Measures, April 25

Dept. of Water Resources: Late Storms Allow 5 Percent Allocation to State Water Project Users, April 18

Sacramento Bee: San Joaquin Valley Sinking As Groundwater Stories Are Depleted, April 6

MWD: Metropolitan to Launch Radio Advertisements Asking Southern Californians for Water-Saving Help During Drought, March 27

California WaterBlog: Where Did All That Water Go? Some Dry Numbers on Today’s Drought, March 23

L.A. Times: Drying Up the Delta: 19th Century Policies Underline Today’s Crises, March 22

Sacramento Bee: Jerry Brown Signs Drought Relief Package, March 11

Sacramento Bee: California to Dam Delta Sloughs if Drought Persists, March 11

L.A. Times: Severe Drought? California has been here before, Feb. 23

U-T San Diego: Broader State Water Strategy Badly Needed, Feb. 20

San Francisco Chronicle: Is Brown’s Drought Response Something New or Just Spending?, Feb. 20

Office of the Governor: Gov. Brown, Legislative Leaders Announce Emergency Drought Legislation, Feb. 19

U-T San Diego: Brown Pushes $687M Drought Plan, Feb. 19

Circle of Blue: With Moisture Scarce, California Water Providers Turn to Economic Tools, Feb. 18

U-T San Diego: Region’s Water Supply Stands Out, Feb. 10

L.A. Times: Playing Politics With Drought, Feb. 3

Dept. of Water Resources: DWR Drops State Water Project Allocation to Zero, Seeks to Preserve Remaining Supplies, Jan. 31

L.A. Times: California Drought Could Force Key Water System to Cut Deliveries, Jan. 31

Sacramento Bee: California Officials Forecast “Zero” Water Deliveries, Jan. 31

KNBC-TV: Gov. Brown Pushes for Conservation Amid Drought, Jan. 30

L.A. Times: California’s Drought, Times Three, Jan. 26

ABC News 10: Debunking the Myth About Southern California’s Water Use, Jan. 20

Office of the Governor: Gov. Brown Declares Drought State of Emergency, Jan. 17


Office of the Governor: Gov. Brown Calls For Inter-Agency Drought Task Force, Dec. 17

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