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Watering Calculator

California is in a serious drought.  Southern Californians need to reduce water use to maintain the region’s water supply reserves.  One of the most effective ways to conserve is by limiting landscape irrigation.  Up to 70 percent of residential water use is applied outdoors.

Many communities have mandatory watering restrictions that limit the days, times and duration that customers can water their landscapes.  These regulations vary across Southern California. 

Check with your local water provider to find out the watering days and times allowed in your area.
The following tips will make your lawn and shrub watering more efficient:

Using the Watering Calculator during Drought and Watering Restrictions

IMPORTANT:  The Watering Calculator tool estimates the correct amount of water to give your landscape or garden every week during normal supply conditions. Developed by the city of San Diego, it provides customized watering schedules by zip code based on data from the California Irrigation Management Information System (CIMIS) weather station network.  The calculator uses average numbers for weather, plants, and soils within zip codes of the urban Southern California area. These are only suggested run times, so you will need to observe plant health and/or soil moisture levels and make adjustments as necessary.

The Watering Calculator is not adjusted for drought conditions or watering restrictions and should only be used as a guide.  Local watering restrictions are intended to help conserve water across a broad range of conditions, and the limits on watering will differ from the calculator’s results.  In situations where the calculator indicates that less water is needed on a weekly basis, customers should adjust usage to meet the plants’ needs and allow deep rooting but not exceed the maximum allowed minutes per day.

How to use the Watering Calculator:


1. What is your zip code? (Only zip codes within urban Southern California are included.)

2. What would you like to call this landscape area? (front yard, citrus trees, etc)

3. What type of plants are you watering?
Look here for examples of Grasses, Ground Covers, Shrubs, or Trees )

4. On this scale from Sandy to Clay, how would you describe your type of soil?

Sandy Loam
Clay Loam

5. What type of watering system do you have?

Sprinkler* Micro-Spray*  
Impact Rotor* Drip  
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*If you are using a Sprinkler, Rotor, or Micro-Spray, and you know your application rate, please enter it here: