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Find out how the drought is affecting Southern California and beyond
Learn more about what you can do to use water wisely

Rebates, Incentives &
Grant Programs
SoCalWater$mart Rebates
Save for homes, businesses, gardens and landscapes

On-Site Retrofit Pilot Program
Incentives for public or private property owners to convert potable irrigation or industrial systems to recycled water

Water Savings Incentive Program
Incentives for custom water use efficiency projects

Landscape Irrigation Survey
No-cost survey to help improve irrigation efficiency

Innovative Conservation Program
Research-focused program of new devices, technologies and water-saving strategies
Conservation Tips
& Materials
Garden Spot
Helpful tips for starting and maintain a California Friendly garden

Water Saving Tips & Videos
It’s easier than you think to save water

Sprinklers 101
One-stop shop about water-efficient irrigation

Conservation Materials
Download helpful materials

Online Gardening Classes
Home gardeners and landscape professionals can learn ways to reduce water use

Local Water Agencies
Find Your Water Agency

Member Agency Programs
Learn how other communities are saving water
& Community Programs
Eco Innovators’ Showcase Winners
Southern California colleges entered sustainability-related projects for judges’ consideration. View the winning students and their exhibits.

Community Partnering Program
Grants for up to $2,000 for water use efficiency education and outreach programs

Education Resources
Student activities and education curricula that includes information about Solar Cup and World Water Forum

Water Tools
So Cal’s Water Reserve Levels

Don’t waste another minute wasting water. Keep the needle in the blue.

The Watering Index and Calculator

You can all get the same widget information from this RSS Feed. Watering Index RSS Feed

What is the Watering Index and how does it work with the Watering Calculator?

Public Use Widget

Click here to add the Water Gauge and Watering Index to your website.

IMPORTANT: The Watering Calculator does not reflect local mandatory conservation measures that may be in effect because of the current water supply shortage. Please check with your water provider to find out what watering days and times are allowed in your area.

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